Sweat & Flow in the Dark

When:​ ​​​Fri 21 July, 7 - 9pm
Where:   That's still a secret. All we will say now is that it's taking place in a s ecret converted chapel in Maida Vale. We'll email the exact details a few days before the event. 

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Peanut butter & jelly. Avocado & toast. Gin & tonic. Some things just go well together.

That's why we've decided to combine our two signature events, Black Light Burpees and Flow in the Dark. The result? Sweat & Flow in the Dark: 45 sweaty minutes of High Intensity Interval Training, followed by 45 minutes of a strengthening, yet grounding and calming yoga flow. Expect to work hard, then wind down and rinse out any built up tension or tightness. 

The first 45 minutes will be taught by the uber cool Nike Training Club trainer  Tameka Small. She will incorporate aspects of her background in martial arts to deliver an intense, straight to the point effective HIIT session. The session will take you through a number of different drill sets, designed to get you moving in all directions, homing in on endurance and strength to get you working hard. A banging base line will be key in this workout, with music there to help motivate you as you work with your fellow teammates and individually to challenge yourself physically and mentally.

New Zealand born yogi  Amanda Fell (who is also an Xtend Barre instructor) will lead your 45 minute yoga session. Set to an inspiring, groovy playlist that takes you on a journey from start to finish, this is unlike your average yoga class. Expect to start strong and dynamic, with lots of strengthening moves that will have you dripping with sweat. You'll then be taken into a more restorative and calming finish, stretching out tired muscles and bringing you to a state of total bliss. 

The entire class will be set in a secret converted chapel, near Warwick Avenue tube station. We'll reveal the exact location a few days before the event via email. What's more, everything will be happening in the (near) dark, with only black lights to illuminate the space. We'll have a DIY neon face paint station set up and hand out glow sticks to make things look extra spectacular. 

After class you'll be treated to some post-workout treats and refreshments, so you can go home feeling satisfied in mind, body and soul.

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flow in the dark london, flow in the dark, pop up yoga, pop up yoga london, flow yoga
flow in the dark london, flow in the dark, pop up yoga, pop up yoga london, flow yoga